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This is the PETAFLOW ANR-JST project (ANR-09-BLAN-0376) web-site main page. This site acts as a portal for developers in the project to quickly locate all resources, persons and recent updates about the project.

This site is mainly meant to deliver static content about the project state. It is simply structured:
  • Welcome: this page
  • Project Goals: a brief overview over the project goals
  • Partners: the list of partners active in this project
  • Important links: links to other resources, for example the project page on the Gforge website, where more current information can be found.
  • Frequently asked questions: as usual, a list of questions related to all field of the project.
Current news about the project development are listed on the right hand side, just under the calendar. You can investigate the news archive on the GForge page as well.

To navigate on the website, either use the left-hand side menu, or the top-level link underneath the image shown on the top of the site.




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